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semantic differences

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This lj account was made primarily to gather links (the main topics so far are the johnies and johnies-inspired fanfiction). It also allows me to 'friend' people who may (or may not) freak out if they were friended by an account in the language they can't read, to join communities and to leave comments. =)
In the JE-world my current interests are mainly the junior (Kisumai down) and sempai (V6 up) parts, though I read fanfiction about everyone.

- English is not... (care to continue for me? xD) Moreover, I don't intend to make it my life's goal to pretend it is native. So, beware.
- Regretfully, I can't keep my hands away from the keyboard for long, so I tend to update my journal several times a week. So, beware.
- Some people find my sense of humor irritating (or nonexistent xD). I don't. So, beware.

chances are I'll understand you in English, Chinese or Russian. Maybe.