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semantic differences

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March 14th, 2014

01:20 am - Wishing for the better tomorrow
I don't like what is going on. Lj for me will be probably blocked in some hours or minutes (it is already for most people, guess my Intenet provider is blissfully lazy today), so in the unlikely case it will be for long... I want to have this as the last post for some time.

Want: write, read, think about escapist things, i.e. fandom.
Don't want: war, censorship, politics... all what's happening now.


January 4th, 2014

08:20 pm - Ronins in Search of Master
Title: Ronins in Search of Master
Characters: KAT-TUN (4 of them), Sato Atsuhiro mentioned
Summary: After being replaced and driven out of their old home, KAT-TUN wander in search of death or a new master, in a land full of zombies.
Warning: Logic, what logic? English, what English? Plot?.. Well, it passes for plot with me...

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December 4th, 2012

01:02 am - Weapons and Welders
Geez. Somewhere around late spring I tried to watch ‘Guilty Crown’ anime. It didn’t go well, and partly to wash the smell of me, I tried writing a fic. Ebikisu in GC-verse.
It didn’t go well either.
Then I tried it in another language.
Then I gave up on it.
Then I forgot the anime, like, completely.
Then I found the draft, and tried to finish it. It feels like I’ve butchered the grammar (ouch. English has way too many tenses for three levels of flash-backs), but hey. Like it’s the only thing I’ve butchered here.

Title: Weapons and Welders
Characters: Ebikisu, stress on Nika and Goseki.
Summary: they gave Nika a friend (no worries, it’s Senga), a place and a lot of power, and took all the rest away. Now they will be doing the same to another kid, and Nika will stand back.
Warning: it is not what you would call NC-17 (or R. Probably it's PG-13 range), but the law in my country would find here topics unsuitable for underage readers.

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PS LJ changed like everything since I last tried to post.

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August 13th, 2012

11:34 pm - Crazy things, sad things
This post means I'm still alive XDD

Crazy things happen at work. They tell us we can't keep personal things anywhere they might be seen. Like I can't hang a bag on my chair, put my mug or even my very inspirational 'kangaroos for next 90 miles' Australian themed calendar on my table. And I still work in a back office.

It would be interesting to see how things would proceed.

PS A very lovely site on ABC-Z (A to Z station if you are familiar with it) now shows a very 'informative' notice in Thai and probably asks for password. It was a nice place, informative and mostly in English. Maybe it will be no more for me. Anyway (stupid as it is, writing it here) thank you for bringing us so far and best of luck in the future.

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January 16th, 2012

01:12 am
Monday. Partly I'm "No, no, no, please! I don't want to go to work so soon again!", and partly I'm "Let's get over with it already".

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January 12th, 2012

11:34 pm - Sorry for a pretty not positive post
I see a lot of drunks lately. Well dressed ones. Not the shabby drunkards, not the marginalized unqualified workers. People, who look well, dress well, probably have a home, a job, a family.

The last 2 weeks:
Drunk people at work.
My father came home drunk (alcohol was promptly banned at home).
A drunk man laying motionless by the traffic on the crossing. I was dialing police when ambulance came for him.
A man, not far from here, for whom the ambulance came too late. He died in a hospital, according to the local news.
A man at the street crossing near my house. Filthily drunk, but still moving. Falling on the ground, shakily getting up. Swaying, not steady on his feet, falling under the traffic. A woman (wife?) catching his sleeve, pulling him back. He is swaying again. (The light changes. People cross. They stay.)

I'm easily scared, and scared of this. Disgusted as well.

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January 1st, 2012

07:06 pm - Happy New Year
At last I can say 'happy holidays' and not feel excluded. We have holidays! I have holidays! Hooray!

PS Struggling with adobe digital editions. Do they really have no alternative? The kind that would work and have accessible support team. And, forgot to mention, that won't require buying a new reader that, anyway, is not sold to (or in) my country.

PPS Wishing everyone that their computers and other devices work the way their developers dreamed of and not the way they made them. ♥

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December 25th, 2011

01:28 am - Ten easy steps to debut by Kawai Fumito
When Kisumai was confirmed to debut, I was generally depressed (not about them, obviously).
When they did debut, I was involved in an epic fight over family matters (I lost, mostly. Hopefully others won't ever be up for the second round).
Now Ebi are confirmed to debut, and nothing much (other than stupid work stuff) is happening in my life. So, fanfiction. Unbetaed, not native (and rapidly deteriorating) English, no pairing, no nothing. The stuff I would usually write in Russian, but I though this one out in English, so why not.

title: Ten easy steps to debut by Kawai Fumito
rating: G
summary: You are a Johnny and want to debut? Now we have a time-proved manual by the guru of most improbable debuting himself! (Warning: it will be painfull. But you might survive.)

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December 24th, 2011

09:54 pm
Merry Christmas to everyone! ♥

We don't really celebrate this version of Christmas here, but Google (who knows everything, of course, but insists on communicating it in German) decided that we do, so... 'Frohes Fest' to everyone XD

(Actually, I wanted to ask Google where can I download Music Station Super Live that won't weight 27 GB's on my hard drive... No answer. Not even in German.)

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November 30th, 2011

12:27 am - Trying to Be Positive
I do like the new Kisumai PV. (I even like the newest KAT-TUN PV, save for the music.) If one doesn't crucify the PV with too much background knowledge, it's nice. Kitayama and Fujigaya sing way better than they are required in the age of extensive technology. Tamamori does not, but it is not necessary a bad thing. Funny faces are funny. And they managed to squeeze in some rollerskating.

In one word, it would have maked me interested in the group.

Also, because I really want to be positive, I will chose to believe that in the way they treat Tamamori JE is looking for a way to promote their less singing idols. Shige is writing books (hopefully better than singing... and in any case, one book equals to more than one solo single XD In word count), a few Johhnies act better than sing, there are also dancing kings and talking kings (okay, not officially). Maybe we will all brace ourselves together and wait for the newer PV, admit that not-singing idols are also good, and move on to them?.. Hopefully, the currently leading trio in Kisumai will be happy not to see themselves much in PVs. For a change.

As both Senga and Miyata have very evident talents that could be stressed, advertised and earn them fans, I would think them a good follow-up. (Though I need to hear Nikaido's solo before I die. People were saying he had a good voice, and well, for shouting, he does. Want to hear him sing and have opinion on the matter. XD) Personally, I would vote for Senga. Dancing does not need translation XD

On the other hand, the current outraging inequality of Kisumai members must be good for fanfiction. People will have to process it, explain it, deny or destroy it, and so they (okay, we) will need to write things out. 'Happily ever after' atmosphere haven't survived long.

(I wonder what the 'official' reaction of the fandom will be and if it will be communicated to the JE or avex. After all, Kisumai fandom played some CD buying role in the group recognition. Does it have any influence at all?.. Will it be eager or able to take a stand? Or just, idk, let its opinion be known?..)

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